FMS Customer’s Bill of Rights

Customer’s Bill of Rights

FMS Feels Every Veterinary Clinic or Hospital Doctors and Staff Should Be Treated Right.
FMS Veterinary is proud to abide by the FMS Customer’s Bill of Rights for the Veterinarian Industry which protects our customers from any negative experience they might otherwise have from other veterinary supply companies:

1) We will treat our customers the way we would like ourselves and our families to be treated.

2) We guarantee our customers will receive honest and ethical advice, service and pricing.

3) The customer’s best interest will always take precedence in the transaction and not the representative’s best interest.

4) We will clearly explain the pros and cons of all options presented to the customer so they can make a wise, informed decision.

5) We will deliver on 100% of our promises, by never making promises we cannot keep.

6) The customer will always receive fast communication from their representative.

7) Clear expectations will always be set and agreed upon by the customer and representative, to avoid misunderstandings and unnecessary problems.

8) All quotes will clearly state all prices and fees up front -protecting you from surprise costs like shipping, installation, duties, brokerage fees, and price changes.

9) Service vehicles will be fully stocked with the necessary diagnostic and repair equipment ensuring the quickest repair and shortest service times possible.

10) We will protect our customers with the best warranties in our industry.

11) We will invest in the most advanced equipment in our industry to ensure our customers get the best and fastest service possible.

12) Our technicians will have no less than 5 years-experience before working in the field.

13) Unlike some other Vet Supply Companies, FMS will never “forget” to quote on all items required to have your purchase work as you expect it to (and have to pay more after your initial purchase!)

Sadly some suppliers use this trick to appear less expensive and win your business – then sell you more items you will require but only after your initial purchase is made.